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La bise : How to kiss in France

Let’s talk about this custom that can surprise when a visitor arrives in France or when seen from the outside: la bise.  What is la bise? La bise...
Raphaëlle Renaudin
1 min read

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World Cup Fever: Let’s Learn Some French with France…

Two francophone teams battling for a place in the final: the France vs Belgium match in the 2018 FIFA World Cup was a particularly...
1 min read

I’ve got the peach! Ilini on The Earful Tower…

We recently had the pleasure of being invited on The Earful Tower show to talk about peaches, bananas and other interesting things about the French...
26 sec read

Ilini Wins “Tech for Teachers” 3-Star Award

We are proud to announce that Ilini has won a 3-Star Award in the 2018 Tech for Teachers competition! Tech for Teachers is an...
28 sec read

Brexit: Ilini offers free accounts to UK negotiators

How do you say “You can’t have your cake and eat it” in French? The UK’s Brexit negotiating team will soon find out, thanks...
1 min read

Feeling the emotion: Why “real-life” French is essential to…

A language isn’t just a set of words bound together by grammar and syntax rules. Language is first and foremost culture. And when learning...
2 min read