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Queen Elizabeth II Speaks French

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Queen Elizabeth in Paris

After Bradley Cooper, the next celebrity in our French Speaker of the Week series is Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. Yes, Queen Elizabeth II does speak French!

Every week, we are highlighting the French speaking skills of famous people around the world… for your inspiration and motivation!

Hear the Queen’s French speech

Here is an excerpt from Queen Elizabeth’s speech at a French State Banquet in 2014. We have added the palace’s official translation in subtitles as well as a transcript to help you follow along:[0]=68.ARA5t5Pcs1eIi_MNwIFKVAtoI792LDyVTUqAVoWKCfLe_ij4af74MdM26p1z39zKeRpoAVjJuoQaeJ0S9BRzGlyf9fviPfiMtKoEPJfdJSofw0tjy0ERS_J89cD14FYVDwY_y8DBYMJAkzkZ2-zF4F2g2PBhtSMD5czUek0M5tjJYCyqsHL8FzlJ__1px9lsxgfSMxvKjwinZkUguGQhg-XTbuoqsnOucDL0FPdwgOQ6GLBF37jnp2PjGUqN8O-udsCD0mg2cVZWIOiwP4-JymuuwKs-6HG0nD7z2i–pKONPQdiyfPLkuq_o_ORcTPioQ_4tXWjY04gfLm9polwns0Tr7CejPLUozeSbt4s&__tn__=-R


Je me rappelle le plaisir que j’ai eu à découvrir ce beau pays pour la première fois et à cultiver à mon tour une grande affection pour le peuple français.

Où qu’ils soient, lorsqu’ils se rencontrent, nos compatriotes retrouvent toujours ce mélange unique d’amitié, de rivalité dans la bonne humeur ainsi que l’admiration qui constitue l’essence des liens qui unissent la Grande-Bretagne et la France.

What do you think of the Queen’s French skills?

Queen Elizabeth speaks pretty good French, doesn’t she?

Sure, she is reading a text. But the Queen is also known for holding pretty fluent French conversations with the French-speaking heads of state she meets.

Besides, don’t forget that Queen Elizabeth II is also the monarch of 16 Commonwealth countries including Canada, where French is an official language.

Stay tuned for the next French Speaker of the Week!

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