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How to Pronounce 12 of the Most Difficult French Words

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Some French words are pretty difficult to pronounce for English speakers. So we recently asked our Facebook community to tell us which French words they were struggling with:

Which French word is your worst nightmare? 🇫🇷 😭

Posted by ILINI – Learn Real-life French on Saturday, 14 September 2019

We received quite a few contributions and selected 12 of the most difficult French words to pronounce below. Unsurprisingly, French diphtongs and semivowels seem to be what learners of French have the most trouble with.

These words happen to be quite funny to hear, and funny to pronounce. So go ahead and try the parrot’s technique:

Hear and repeat!

Écureuil (squirrel)

Se débrouiller (manage, cope)

Serrurier (locksmith)

Grenouille (frog)


Caoutchouc (rubber)

Chirurgien (surgeon)

Bouilloire (kettle)

Courrier (mail)

Fauteuil (armchair)

Cuillère (spoon)

Cueillir (pick)

Are there other French words you are struggling with? Please let us know in the Facebook post’s comments.

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