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Learn Real-life French!

Weekly videos with interactive subtitles and games

How it works

Smart learning tools. Real-life French.

Watch entertaining French videos including TV shows, music clips, news or comedy - just like you do in your own language! Use our interactive tools to learn new vocabulary and train your ear to real-world spoken French. Ilini helps you acquire French faster while feeling the pulse of francophone life!

Short videos
Most videos last less than 2 minutes. That is usually just enough vocabulary to digest in one learning session, without feeling overwhelmed.

Bilingual Subtitles
Depending on your level, turn on French subtitles, English subtitles or both at the same time. We do literal translations and display full sentences so you can compare.

Integrated Dictionary
Don't know a word? Click on it to see its dictionary translations and hear its pronunciation. Ilini is pretty clever: it recognizes slang and expressions.

We take notes for you! Every word you click gets added to your vocabulary list. Go back to your list later to rehearse, and remember the videos and phrases they appeared in.

Flashcards are a great way to study your vocabulary. Guess a word, flip the card, check your answer. Fun and easy.

Test your understanding of the videos with multiple-choice questions. Ideal to switch your brain into active mode and make sure you're making progress.

Download video transcripts and translations for some reading, highlighting or note taking. Digital is great, but you can still make use of paper and pen.

Download fill-the-gap exercises, phrase scrambles and other listening and vocabulary activities (with answers). Great for individual learners and for classrooms.

Online Classroom
Our platform for teachers: give fun assignments to your class! Ask students to watch a video, take a quiz or complete other tasks, and review their work online.


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My vocabulary

All the words you click, in one place

Requires a subscription to the Essentials Plan (or above).

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Online Classroom

The Online Classroom allows you to give and review student assignments.

Ask your students to:
- Watch a video
- Answer the video's comprehension quiz
- Submit a written assignment
- Download, print out and complete PDF worksheets.

You can create as many classes as needed and invite an unlimited number of students. Students only need a free account to join the classroom and to complete the assignments.