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Bring French life
into your classroom

Create meaningful conversations with real-world videos

Every week, Ilini selects topical French videos including news, TV shows, culture, music and comedy. Ideal to make your students feel the pulse of French life, and to start a conversation!
The videos are short, ideally suited for the classroom, and organized by difficulty levels. Your students will love our interactive player, featuring bilingual subtitles, slow motion and an integrated dictionary. Perfect for use in class, at home or anywhere with a smartphone.

Save hours of class preparation time

On Ilini, every video comes with printable lesson files, including:
  • Video transcript and translation
  • Comprehension Quiz
  • Listening & vocabulary activities (fill the gaps, phrase puzzles, anagrams and more)
Don't bother transcribing a video anymore! Simply pick a video and print out the files.

Give homework... that doesn't feel like homework

Use the Online Classroom to assign homework your students will enjoy. Ask them to watch a video, to take the quiz or to answer/discuss questions in writing. Set a deadline and review your students' work at one glance from your dashboard.


  Frankly essential for any French classroom  

Danièle Bourdais
Author, BBC Talking the Talk French, Cambridge French Coursebook, ...
I recommend Ilini as a brilliant way to bring authentic up-to-date cultural material into the classroom. Ilini can genuinely broaden students’ horizons and increase motivation, while saving preparation time for the teacher.
Leigh Thomas
French teacher, BASIS Tucson North, Arizona, United States
This resource is SO rich! This is the resource of my dreams. I have always had to type up the scripts of videos myself, or had news reports but no video. This is the best of both worlds! Add in the translation and exercises, and it is the resource I have always dreamed of.
Isabelle Jones
Head of MFL, United Kingdom
I have found Ilini an excellent resource to enhance the teaching of the new A Level specification. The content is always recent and engaging and the videos an excellent way to practise the audio summary.
University of Oxford
Department of Education
A recommended resource for teachers and parents home-schooling during Covid-19 (...) across age ranges

  A really impressive resource  

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Online Classroom

The Online Classroom allows you to give and review student assignments.

Ask your students to:
- Watch a video
- Answer the video's comprehension quiz
- Submit a written assignment
- Download, print out and complete PDF worksheets.

You can create as many classes as needed and invite an unlimited number of students. Students only need a free account to join the classroom and to complete the assignments.