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School topics

Browse videos by syllabus topics.

Every video has French and English subtitles with a free integrated dictionary. Ilini subscribers can also download transcripts, translations, quizzes and worksheets, and teachers can use them in online assignments (view subscription plans).

Please note that these videos were not specifically designed to prepare for exams. Some may help you cover part of a given topic. Others may only address the topic indirectly, but could be used by teachers to trigger a discussion in class. There are many ways to use them!

The lists below are regularly updated. Other exam boards and countries will progressively be added.

AQA - AS and A-levels

· Social issues and trends · Political and artistic culture · Works

Edexcel - AS and A levels

· Les changements dans la société française · La culture politique et artistique dans les pays francophones · L’immigration et la société multiculturelle française · L’Occupation et la Résistance

College Board - AP French Language and Culture

· Global Challenges · Science and Technology · Contemporary Life · Personal and Public Identities · Families and Communities · Beauty and Aesthetics

IB Diploma Programme

· Core topics · Options

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